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Presented by BeBe Nycole,
Founder & CEO at Deluxe Hair Gallery Co.

DHG Pro University is a very unique online platform because it was designed by a stylist, just like you. I have been at each stage of the business; from commission stylist, independent contractor, educator, to salon owner! I have been the stylist building a dream. I have also been the stylist building my dream, like so many of you. To become an industry leader and remain one, education will always be necessary. DHG Pro University (DU) lets' you learn at your own pace right from the comfort of your Salon/Home. Apply Today!



Hello! I am BeBe Nycole, an extension specialist with 13+ years of experience in the beauty industry. I am personally inviting you to apply to DU. DU is a hair extension focused online university, once enrolled you will learn my unique approach to applying extensions. At DU, we call this The DHG Method (T.D.M™). T.D.M ™ is an accumulation of innovative extension techniques that have been perfected throughout my career. 


T.D.M™ Micro Link Master Course” is the first course to launch exclusively at DU.


 T.D.M™ Micro Link technique is the first of its kind! This technique requires no needle, thread, or hand sewing. This saves on installation time and increases earning potential for stylists. T.D.M™ not only cuts down installation time, it also eliminates the need for an assistant. The competition can't say that! 


 If you are a commission based salon owner, you will find T.D.M™ Micro Link Master Course to be an extremely valuable tool and asset. This course is easy to follow and will optimize the earning potential for each stylist on your team by at least $700-$1.2k per stylist each month. 


If you are a suite owner or booth renter, you will find T.D.M™ Micro Link Master Course necessary to scale and grow your existing business. As your business and vision grows, the valuable tools you will learn during this course will give you an outline to build a lucrative future. You too, can increase your daily income to at least $700-$1.2K a day. Apply to start the "DHG Pro" certification process. 



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